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At the Aero Friedriechshafen show (April 20—24, 2016, Germany), Sonaca Aircraft announced having achieved 14 orders of the Sonaca 200 amounting to 2.5 million euros. The 14 firm orders break down as follows:
  • Belgium : Air Academy New CAG - 8 aircrafts
  • France : Aeroclub Tissandier (Saint-Cyr- l’Ecole) - 2 aircrafts
  • United-Kingdom : Flight Training London (Elstree) - 2 aircrafts
  • Germany : FFL Flugschule am Flughafen Essen/Mülheim - 2 aircrafts
Picture of the Sonaca 200 aircraft
The company currently continues its European tour in order to introduce the aircrafts to aero clubs and flight schools. At the Paris Air Expo show (June 2-6, 2016, France), Sonaca Aircraft promoted the Sonaca 200 through the testimonies of general aviation professionals who have had the opportunity to fly the aircraft. We invite you to take a look at these testimonies (“The general aviation professionals testify”).

Regarding development and certification, the plans have been approved and transferred to the production for the manufacture of the first parts in Sonaca’s factories. The assembling of the 2 first aircrafts will start at Gosselies by the end of the year (October-November 2016). The first aircraft will be intended for certification static trials. The second will be used for flight tests which will probably take place in South of France for weather reasons.

Sonaca Aircraft also keeps on progressing on the DOA ‘Design Organisation Approval’ which should be obtained by the end of this year.

When it comes to delivery, the first customers shall receive the Sonaca 200 from September 2017, the mass production of the first aircrafts being scheduled at the end of the flight test period.

The activity of Sonaca Aircraft does not end with the development, certification and marketing of the Sonaca 200, it goes beyond. The company will take part in the Genk-Zwartberg aero club open days (July 3-6, 2016, Belgium) whose profits will benefit the “Petit Prince” Foundation that helps children with cancer. Sonaca Aircraft will be offering first flights to the sick children aboard the Sonaca 200. Through such actions, the company underlines its commitment and consideration of social concerns in its strategy as well as in its activities.

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Picture of Pierre Van Wetter, Head of Sales & Marketing at Sonaca Aircraft
Pierre Van Wetter,
Head of Sales & Marketing
Sonaca Aircraft
Denis Petifrère, CEO of Air Academy New CAG (6041 Gosselies, Belgium), declares:

« The Sonaca 200 is a true twoseater which allows the transport of passengers, baggage and fuel simultaneously! »

« Air Academy New CAG chose Sonaca 200 because of its reliability and accessibility in terms of maintenance: the parts can easily be replaced and at low cost. »

« Regarding the aircraft’s performances, three aspects deserve to be highlighted: the take-off distance (350m), the stability (Sonaca 200 aims at obtaining the certification at 20 knots of crosswind) and the cruise speed (105 knots). »
Pierre Chalard, Former President of the Comité régional Auvergne and the Aero-club Clermont Limagne (63 100 Clermont-Ferrand, France), currently Head of Flights of the Aero-club Clermont Limagne, declares:

« The Sonaca 200 is a comfortable and handy aircraft that offers a singular visibility in flight. We have also been seduced by the aircraft’s climb performances. »

« With an affordable starting price, an average consumption of 18 litres/h_ and limited maintenance costs, the Sonaca 200 turns out to be very profitable! »
Elie Bankhalter, Volunteer instructor and member of the steering Committee of Paul Tissandier Aero-club (78 210 Saint- Cyr - l’Ecole, France), declares:

« Seating in the Sonaca is pleasant. We feel really comfortable. The start is smooth and the taxi is easy too. The acceleration is swift and the take-off distance is short. The climb speed is impressive and very reassuring. In a dense geographical or urban environment, it is a very favourable aspect. The aircraft offers a very good cruise speed and proves rather quiet. »

« The aircraft is very handy and provides broadened work perspectives for instruction. It is quite easy to lend and the pilots trained on the Sonaca will probably reach a comparable level as pilots trained on a classic gear. Given its high lift-to-drag ratio, speed reduction, notably in circuit pattern, will need to be anticipated in comparison to more traditional aircrafts. »